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Indeed…what is the traditionally Magyar ’tarsoly’ [pronounce ’tar-shoy] in its long-past and present interpretation? Insignia of rank, decoration, coat of arms, religion, a sign to remember, a message, a substitute for pocket, a way of thinking, a way of living? What did our ancestors put in it? What would we, ourselves keep in it? Let us try and find the answers.

According to the Hungarian Explanatory Dictionary

According to the Hungarian Explanatory Dictionary
tarsoly n, old, A flat bag made of leather, with a shoulder-belt.
hist, a decorated flat bag suspended from the weapon belt of a Hungarian hussar, next to his sabre, a sabretache, originally serving to keep money, food or ammunition in it.
tarsolylemez n,Art Ornamented metal cover plate of a conquest-age tarsoly.
Efforts have been made to translate the Hungarian word ‘tarsoly’ to English. The best result that came out was ‘sabretache’. Since the word sabretache does mean a hussar’s bag, but does not cover the meaning and use of our one-thousand years old conquest period ‘tarsoly’s, I prefer using the original Hungarian word ‘tarsoly’ on this homepage.
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Magyar (metal) ’tarsoly’
cover plates and
the ’tarsoly mounts
from the age of return home

Cover plate of the tarsoly found in the Karos burial No. 29.
Hungarian hussar sabretaches
A field officer' s hussar sabretache
The Hungarian word for the Magyar conquest period ’honfoglalás’ is not a natural word but an artificial one made out by Hungarian language reformers in the 18th century. That’s why I use the expression of ’return home’ instead of ’conquest of homeland’. The expression ’hazatérés’ (return home) was in use to sign the Hungarian conquest period for about 2000 years preceding the language reform.

My intention with this home page is to present ‘tarsoly’ cover plate findings found in historical Magyar graves from the ’return home’ age as well as to take a look at our ancestors’ art, culture and customs though these findings.

A banderial sabretache from 1791, from Vas county, Hungary
A banderial sabretache from 1791, from Vas county, Hungary
I would be grateful to get information on the activity of contemporary craftsmen preparing ‘tarsoly’-s with or without a metal cover plate who would like to present their products through this home page.
It is also my intention to present the work of contemporary craftsmen who take every effort to revive the delightful tradition of wearing and preparing a ’tarsoly’ in our running age. These craftsmen greatly contribute to keeping our precious treasure, our ancient culture alive. Hopefully, one day you will also be able to wear your ’tarsoly’ thus refuting the prediction of József Huszka in 1929: ‘Never again comes a time when the four-thousand old Magyar ornamentation comes in fashion, but my book may pay a tribute to it.’ Of course, by maintaining this homepage I have no commercial aims. The prices of ’tarsoly’-s offered for sale in this homepage, contain no commercial commission for myself.
Tarsolybearers’ choice
A wall calendar for the year 2003 has been published presenting 12 of our tarsoly cover plates, in the size of 47x32 cm. The pages - thoroughly designed, contain the artistic photographs of masterpiece copies of the tarsoly cover plates made by László Pál Révész. Also, ancient Magyar first names as well as old Hungarian holidays are indicated in the calendar. Though a wonderful work as it is – in my opinion this calendar would show much nicer printed on a higher quality e.g. mat paper. You can order this calendar from Allprint Kft., Budapest, phone: +36 1 381 0464
Where can I buy my tarsoly?
Straight from the manufacturers. Átlépés a táltos honlapra

Here at the tarsolybearers' homepage you can find phone numbers/e-mail adresses of craftsmen manufacturing tarsoly-s, where there is also a possibility to realize individual designs if needed.


A few shops that engage in selling tarsoly-s, and possibly have a choice of more pieces:

Eleven Világ íjászbolt – Hungary, Budapest, XVI. ker Rákosi út 82., Phone: +36 1 402-4633
Szkíta kézművesbolt – Hungary, Budapest, V. ker. Semmelweis u. 1-3., Phone: +36 1 267-4511/410
Tüzes íjász – Hungary, Budapest, VI. ker. Teréz krt. 10., Phone: +36 1352-6154


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Should you have any information or other data in connection with the subject of this homepage, please contact me at info@tarsolyosok.hu


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