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Hozzáadhatod e lapot a kedvencekhez

Leather tarsoly




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I am looking for getting information on contemporary craftsmen who make tarsoly-s wishing to inform the world on their activity through this web page.


Tibor Lõrincze jr.
Armourer and Gunsmith
of Artistic Weapons

hammersmith, maker of percussion-guns, faithful reproduction of ancient weapons, carved and ornamented weapons

Phone: +36 22 - 423 123
Mobile: +36 20 - 365 5209

Tibor prepares historical weapons of really high quality. The "return home age" sabre that he prepared for myself can not erasily be rivalled in my opinion.

Attila Magyar
manufacturer of fancy leather goods, traditionalist

Exhibitions, presentations, live history-lessons a thorough knowledge of ancient crafts techniques are related to his name

Phone: +36 1 - 417-1039
Mobile: + 36 30 -961 0212
e-mail: tyrker@oskultura.hu

Attila is the chairman of the Hungarian Őskultúra Alapítvány. Having a wide and deep historical, ethnographic and military knowlegde of, and respect to ancient traditions he became one of the leading experimental archaeologists in Hungary. His works are gorgeous and they are radiant of the same mentality what our ancestors had in mind once upon a time.

Zsolt Kevi-Farkas
Master Goldsmith

Goldsmith-jeweller, designs and prepares metal cups and fancy articles

Phone: +36 1 - 227 5358
Mobile: +36 20 - 345 7970
e-mail: csimbim@axelero.hu

Hungarian conquest age jewels, fancy-goods and artistic horseriding accessories made by Zsolt could be seen at several exhibitions and well-known international shows and he has got several awards for the same. He is a knighted member of the St. George Order Knighthood. He has also prepared an exact copy of the Hungarian Saint Crown.The sceptre and orb prepared by Zsolt are exhibited at the Fellegvár in Visegrád, Hungary. For a State request he made a half-length portrait relief of Hungarian Count István Bethlen, which was inaugurated in Herencse, Hungary in the year 2000. Otherwise, Zsolt is very devoted to teaching young goldsmiths to ancient traditions.

Csaba Nyers

Tarsoly-s, ornamented metal tarsoly cover plates, weapon-belts, metal mounts, buckles, dress ornaments, buttons, braid ornaments

Phone: +36 1 - 312 0542

Looking at the beautiful products made by Csaba, your thoughts soon get wandering just like our ancestors did. I do not exaggerate to say that his devotion to keeping our traditions alive is exemplary. I also warmly recommend you his cooking books of corn meals. My wife often preapres me a variety of - almost forgotten - ancient meals from Csaba's collection of recipes.

László Pál Révész
Conquest age
Goldsmith-Leather Craftsman

Tarsoly cover plates made of copper and silver (gilded), braid ornaments, mount-ornamented Magyar weapon-belts, conquest age buckles of belt, bangles, rings engraved with ancient runes, copper reliefs, golden and silver jewels, medals. Tarsolys made of leather, quivers, straps, ancient headgears (süveg), shaman drums

Phone: +36 45 - 441517
Mobile: +36 30 - 224 2734
e-mail: tarsoly-revesz@freemail.hu

László preapres wonderful pieces. A magnificent wall calendar of 2003 shows 12 of Magyar tarsoly cover plates made by him. He is also ready to realize unique designs of individual ideas

Béla Tölgyesi

Phone: +40 744 - 139426
e-mail: tolgyesib@netposta.hu

Béla lives in Transylvania. He uses sophisticated tecniques. Beside tarsoly cover plates he makes other return home age objects like braid ornamnets/discs for example. He can check his e-mails only in every 10 days, but he can be reached through his mobile phone easily.